WLPGEAR, is Waterline Pictures Gear rental department which offers the same great gear we use to make movies to filmmakers with similar needs.   WLPGEAR currently provides all the filmmaking gear to Waterline’s Pictures brain child Movie in a box.

Movie in a box, the Ultimate Movie making package, is Roger’s concept that all the gear to make a movie should be packaged, organized and always be ready rock. The big idea was conceived within seconds of Roger having his hollywood dreams crushed for the first of many hollywood lies to come. Roger’s dreams include working with great filmmakers on great projects to provide for his family and if all goes well to somehow make the film business a better and more transparent place for filmmakers by building a better way to make films every step of the way. Movie in a box is currently building its Distribution Department movieinabox.movie and will Showcase and Re-Release Getting Back to Zero as it’s first film release. Roger dreams of a platform that monetizes his films and filmmakers films in a transparent way and increases awareness to film projects that may otherwise never see the light of day.